Get the very best in marine building projects in South Jersey, tailored to your wants and needs. DC Marine brings years in unparalleled industry experience to each worksite, providing quality, customized projects that will stand the test of time. If you have questions or concerns about our services, feel free to contact us.


We specialize in waterfront decks, wharfage, pilings, and more for commercial and private purposes. Your complete satisfaction always comes first, and jobs are done with precision and care. We serve all of South Jersey with one-of-a-kind marine construction services that include:

• Decks
• Repairs

• Railing
• Docks

• Piers
• Bulk Heads

• Ramps
• Floats

• Pillings
• Snap Jackets


This is a new product we recently started using. Their use is for piling repairs; they are mostly used to restore pilings when they are rotting.


Whether you are looking to install ramps to create a boat launch or you need to upgrade the wharf on your property, trust DC Marine to take care of the work. Our experienced team has the skills and equipment required to handle any marine construction project, ensuring the highest quality craftsmanship on everything we build. We handle new dock installations as well as complete repair and restoration work.
When building your ramps, docks, decks, and floats, our team will always choose high-quality materials to ensure your marine structures can handle the elements. So, when you are planning to upgrade your existing dock or want to restore an old pier, turn to our highly skilled craftsman to handle the work. Contact us today to learn more about the construction services we have to offer or to discuss your pr,,,etc ideas with our experienced team.


In addition to providing construction solutions for building boat ramps and docks, our team also provides solutions for building bulkheads along the shoreline. This helps to prevent erosion on your property. When constructing these bulkheads, we will typically use either vinyl or wood, ensuring that they will hold up to the seawater.

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